I AM-Standing in Your Personal Power

I will empower you with my sunny face and nutrient dense body. I will give you vital nutrients which boost your vitality. Trust me. Allow me to grow. Allow yourself to consume me, to spread my offspring to the wind once I have released my sweet yellow petals. If you mow me down, I will only spring up stronger-but this time just tall enough where your blade cannot reach me. Ha! I will always find a way to survive. I am fierce determination. I am very intelligent, unlike your companies and neighbors who think I am a weed strangling the yard.

Maybe I don’t look or smell like a rose, but I do offer you vital nutrients for your body. Put my leaf and sunny face in a salad, stir fry me, make ‘coffee’ out of my dried roots. Do these people who try to rid me with toxic chemicals not realize I am considered a medicine around the world from the ancients peoples to these modern ones? Do they not realize I can help them, their children and loved ones stay healthy? I can help people heal themselves with poor circulation, low blood pressure, arthritic congestion, diabetic edema, rheumatic swelling, and cancer of the liver, breast, and urinary organs. Oh! And I can help heal those with chronic skin problems, rashes, eczema, and acne! Also, I help heal fevers and swelling from broken bones, mastitis, bruises and sprains. Yes! I can do all of this and more! Teens love me! I help with large oily pores, sunburn, and acne. The French love me so much they named me after the mighty lion’s tooth.

Spraying me with toxins does not harm me, I will grow back. These toxins do, however, harm the ground that has been sprayed. It harms the animals-dogs and cats-that roam the ground. It harms the wildlife-birds, rabbits and other that eat seed, insects and plants from the ground. This toxin can also harm children and adults respiratory systems. It can harm bees!I am a very important bee food. We all know we cannot live without the bees!I restore mineral health to abused soils. I aerate and attract earthworms in all soils. And I create drainage channels in compact soils. Now you see my confusion on why some think of me as a weed? I am a medicine! A food! An encourager of life and a magical wand for wishes! The children know what to do with me. They pick me up, blow my seeds wrapped in wishes to the wind. They eat my sunny face, make bracelets and crowns out of my body to adorn themselves. They smile when they see my yellow sunny face reaching towards the sun and laugh when they see my fuzzy silvery white face knowing it’s time to scatter my face to the wind on the breath of wishes. I bring joy to children. Why do they adults see me as an enemy? Have they forgotten my magic? Have they forgotten how to make wishes? No matter, I love them, so I will continue to remind them. I will pop up all over the yard, neighbor’s yards and meadows. I will proudly lift my face to the sun. I will teach them.

People can learn from my adaptability and flexibility. I will teach them determination and perseverance. I can help them find their strength. Like me, they can adjust to any situation so they may continue growing and reaching towards the light.

I am the mighty Dandelion.

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