Preventing Children's Nightmares

Dreams are sacred tools to help children learn, problem solve, manifest, explore, heal and create. What happens when they begin having nightmares? How can you help them heal from these nightmares? Firstly, you need to understand the root of your child's fear.
There is always a place where the nightmare began-- some story a child told at school perhaps. But the most likely roots are the following:
1. violent TV (this includes cartoons)--yep!
2. violent video games--again, includes cartoonish games.
3. Something they overheard adults talking about in world news or an adults fear.
4. School shootings and bulletproof backpacks--seriously!? what are we doing in the USA?! A child should not have to purchase a bullet proof backpack-- get off your bums USA and make this change now.
5. Feeling insecure at home. This could be caused by an traumatic shift at home such as a parent becoming seriously ill or moving to a new home.
6. Adds in the newspaper! True story. Target is the worst culprit. Grant (my husband) has tweeted #taregethateschildren as they continuously place violent images or video games and movies in the kids section of their adds. Firstly, there should be no violent images in a public newspaper whatsoever. Secondly, Target should know that children will without a doubt see these images.
Parental connection and security in the home is of upmost import for children. This means the relationship you have with your child being respectful and loving; being in the present moment; and being the example of a nurturing partner if you have a spouse in your home. You and your husband/wife, are examples of how a loving relationship looks, feels and behaves. 
Take a moment to connect to your child no matter their age (toddler or teen) to see what might be happening to bring forward these nightmare. Now, I want to note here, night terrors and sleep paralysis are quite different with different causes than nightmares. Once you understand the root cause, you can begin to employ tools and techniques to help your child enjoy going to bed and obtaining restful, healthy sleep.

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