Summer Solstice Celebration

With Summer Solstice arriving June 20, you want to plan some meaningful activities. The Summer Solstice symbolizes ascension and return of the Light. This is the time to release old energy. Take time to review your life along with your spiritual path to determine what is balanced and unbalanced as well as aligned and unaligned in your life.

Here are ways in which you can celebrate Summer Solstice:

1. Meditate upon the Light within yourself in order to connect with your abundance in all areas of your life, including inner abundance.

2. Watch the Summer Solstice sun rise virtually if need at Stonehenge or another sacred place such as Newgrange.

3. Design a flower crown--and yes, wear it all day!

4. Make a suncatcher.

5. Bathe in the sun (with chemical-free sunscreen!)

6. Yoga

7. Dance!

8. Feast (add a bit of mead if you like to your celebrations, but do not forget leaving some in a small dish outside for the Fae!)!

9. Garden

10. Review & Renew Goals

11. Set Intentions

12. Delve into Dream Work

13. Establish a Daily Rhythm

14. Begin something new



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