Whispers of the Sacred Bee

Mythical symbols throughout the world, bees symbolize royalty, fertility, productivity and 'tasting the honey of Life.' When bees show up around you, ask yourself: are you too busy to take time to taste the sweetness of life? Is your mind fertile to plant new ideas, and shift perspective for your highest good? Is it receptive to your Divine messages and unconditional self-love as well as saying YES! to deserving the life you desire? 

Bees teach the impossible can be accomplished! Until recently, scientists didn't understand how bees were able to fly since aerodynamics showed the bee body was too large for their wings. However, it came to light that bees wings move and vibrate at such incredible speeds that flight is made possible! You too can lift your vibration. When you overcome your fears-the energy trying to pull you down-so you too, can action what you choose. 

Bees also teach us to make life fertile, full, vibrant so we may extract the honey from it. You can pursue our dreams no matter how great they may seem, as there is the promise of fulfillment--but, it's up to you! With the Summer Solstice opening it's gateway and lifting the veil in June, commit to yourself to do one or more (maybe all?) of these actions each day:

1. Move (not unlike a bee;))! Dance, cartwheel, yoga, run, spin!

2. Taste something yummy. (honey? or something that feels good for your soul--painting, sculpting, planting)

3. Get outside and lift your face to the sun (even if it's covered by clouds!)!

4. Read (the news doesn't count!)

5. Play (Yep! like a child in wonderment)

5. Listen to music--or play an instrument.

6. Smile!

7. Hug (yourself counts!)

8. Laugh (like, throw your head back and laugh)

And of course, LOVE. 

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