Certified Dream Interpreter

Certified Dream Interpreter

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When we dream, we enter the worlds of manifestation, past lives and parallel universes. By understanding our dream messages, we unlock our potential and free ourselves from boundaries by opening our world to limitless color and abundance! 

The course offers you a comprehensive grounding in guiding yourself and others in interpreting dreams and understanding the dream world, including:

  • Understanding the magic and mythology of dreams
  • Connecting with your Dream guides and other dream beings
  • Creating your Sacred Dream Chamber
  • Tools and Techniques for Dream Recall
  • The many layers of meaning & messages the dream holds
  • The symbolic meanings of your personal dream motifs
  • Color Symbolism
  • Basic Dream Symbols
  • Various types of dreams 
  • Ancient Dream Techniques
  • Dream Meditations

Online Info: This course is an audio recording of the live class taught by Melissa. It consists of 8 lessons total. Each one will have homework. You will also receive a final quiz for certification. You may complete this course and the quiz in your own timing as there is no time limit. Once you purchase the course, you will receive your welcome letter along with the recordings and quiz. You will also be invited to join the CDI facebook group so you can interpret and discuss dreams and homework as well as ask Melissa questions.

Note: You will receive certification upon completion of the requirements for all 8 sessions. You will also have the option to be listed on Melissa's website as a Certified Dream Interpreter so others may contact you for dream guidance.