Melissa Virtue, an expert dream interpreter and intuitive, has been teaching dream work and angelic communication for over fifteen years. Melissa teaches dream interpretation and Angelic Communication courses all over the world. She has been featured on Hay House Radio; InFlowRadio; and guest speaker in the UK; Canada and across the USA. 
Melissa teaches courses on  Dream Journeying, Dream Interpretation, and Angelic Communication while keeping
 a private practice and working towards her masters in psychology. A retired professional dancer who created the spiritual dance movement, SpiralDance®, Melissa is author of Sacred Dreams:  Messages from the Divine; the children’s series, Magical Dream JourneysAngel Dreams Oracle CardsAngel Dreams: Healing and Guidance from Your Angels;  Angels of Love  book and Angels of Love Guidance App with her husband Grant Virtue.  Melissa is currently working on another dream deck, book, app and movement project.